Another 79 Clients Added to UK Court Proceedings

Oct 15, 2017

Timeshare Legals and its staff are delighted to announce that they have assisted 79 more clients on to the already large, group action case in the London High Courts.

These were all sold by Resort Property Limited and Silver Point Vacations SL using the financial company Clydesdale Financial Services, trading as Barclays Partner Finance.

High Value Investment Programmes

Many of our  clients were talked into high value investment programmes where they would pay upward from £25,000 to £100,000 for each property. They were  promised that they would get their investment back plus up to 25%. None of this has ever happened and the clients are left with the ongoing unsold weeks maintenance costs. Hence our involvement in court proceedings.

Supreme High Court Judgement 

We are also glad to announce that the Supreme High Court Judgement in Spain against Resort Properties Limited  and  Silver Point Vacations SL ruled that their contracts were null and void.

Monumental Victory

Thanks to this, these particulars have now been added into our ongoing UK class action. This is a monumental victory for Timeshare Legal and associated companies and hopefully all of our clients in the near future will have their monies refunded and their memberships cancelled.

If you feel you have been mis sold a properties at the above resorts and want to join the class action, then please contact us to see if you qualify for legal funding to reclaim your investment.