Club La Costa Clients Litigation Update

Jul 20, 2018

Third Batch of Clients Awarded Litigation Funding & A.T.E Insurance

We are pleased to announce today, that our third batch of clients have now been passed over to both UK and Spanish Law Panels, who specialise in recovering client’s monitories back and releasing them from the burden of their Timeshare contracts.

Litigation Update

As you are aware this isn’t an easy task as some may think. There are many different processes and guidelines that we must establish. One of these being the line of credit.

Once our Legal team have reviewed the claim matters and have prepared the bundle with all the correct information and documentation, we are then able to pass the bundle over to the Funders and A.T.E Insurers, they then review the file and confirm the validity of the claim matters.


A.T.E Insurance on that basis is then granted, the funder will then fund the litigation and costs, for the clients claim matters to be processed through the relevant court, whether it be in the UK or Spain. The bundle is then passed on to the relevant Law Panel where the court proceedings will begin. The process through the courts can take anywhere from 9 months up to 2 years.

75% Chance of Claim being Upheld

Here at Timeshare Legals, we ensure that if we take your claim matters on, we will only do so if clients have a valid claim(s) or that they have more than a 75% chance of their claim being upheld so that clients receive their money back and are released from the Timeshare burden.

If you feel that you have been mis-sold either by Club La Costa or any other Timeshare companies, we will review all your paperwork to make sure you have valid claim or not free of charge.