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We are experts in Timeshare Disposal and Recovery.

About us. We offer solutions for Timeshare, Holiday Club Memberships (such as floating weeks or points systems) and Fractional owners who wish to terminate their contract and dispose of their Timeshare(s). We’ve already achieved remarkable success in this area and are proud to confirm that we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in annual service charges and the continued burden of perpetuity clauses.

Where we identify that Timeshare or Holiday Club Membership has been mis-sold or is in breach of the Timeshare Regulations Act or European Directive we will represent you in the financial recovery of your purchase costs and more. Depending on circumstances we can recover double the amount you initially paid your resort company plus any service or maintenance charges you have paid.

We’ll carefully investigate and assess your claim free of charge, advising you of the best possible course of action.


If you decide to proceed with your claim through us, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to ensure your case is handled with the utmost professionalism, giving you the best possible chance of success.


To request a free telephone consultation with one of our claims advisers please fill in our contact form. Alternatively call us on +34 922 752297 or email us your enquiry to enquiries@timesharelegals.com

“At Timeshare Legals we pride ourselves in offering the very best service to our clients. We like to ensure that we go that  extra mile to make every effort a claim is successful.”

Alex Peters –  Client Liaison Representative

We have helped hundreds of
satisfied clients dispose of their timeshare