How it Works


Timeshare Legals follows a tried and tested approach that  ensures that best  possible outcome for our clients. Our six stage process to success is shown below.

Step 1 - Contacting Us

Contact us to arrange an appointment over the phone or at your home with one of our Timeshare Consultants.

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Step 3 - Signing the Paperwork

If you decide to instruct us you will need to sign our relevant paperwork so that we can commence action. We’ll need a copy of your Timeshare documents but we will duplicate these whilst at your home for your peace of mind.

Step 5 - Appointing a Solicitor

In the event that your matter requires legal representation we will submit these findings to your appointed Solicitor. In turn, the Solicitor will issue you with the relevant papers before seeking termination and or redress of your Timeshare agreement.

Step 2 - Meeting a Representative

We’ll discuss your requirements, assess your paperwork and explain the course of action we will undertake on your behalf. Based on our honest, independent advice, you’ll decide whether you want to instruct us in the representation of your Timeshare Disposal and or Financial Recovery.

Step 4 - Preliminary Claim Report

Once your documentation arrives back at our office, we will compile a preliminary claim report that documents your history with your Timeshare provider and any potential breaches. Upon completion we may discuss the report with you in order to clarify any remaining points or questions that we may have.

Step 6 - Continued Support

Whether your case is handed over to an appointed Solicitor or is handled directly by Timeshare Legals we will always be on hand to guide you through the process until your matter is concluded.