Section 140 Claims

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In 2006 The Consumer Credit Act was brought before the court of law,  Due to the fact consumers had little protection against financial such as brokers, lenders & banks when it comes to the unfair treatments of consumers and irresponsible lending.

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 was amended in 2006 as a result, Section 140A now allows the UK courts to find the association between lenders which are associated with the financial contract and the timeshare consumers.

Unfair relationships between creditors and debtors

(1)The court may make an order under section 140B in connection with a credit agreement if it determines that the relationship between the creditor and the debtor arising out of the agreement (or the agreement taken with any related agreement) is unfair to the debtor because of one or more of the following—

(a)any of the terms of the agreement or of any related agreement;

(b)the way in which the creditor has exercised or enforced any of his rights under the agreement or any related agreement;

(c)any other thing done (or not done) by, or on behalf of, the creditor (either before or after the making of the agreement or any related agreement).

Here at Timeshare Legals we are able to review each case on an individual basis to establish if you too can pursue a Section 140A claim against the financial lender.

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