Privacy  Dashboard

At Timeshare Legals  we take your privacy very seriously indeed. We have spent a great deal of time making sure that the data we hold on any individual is minimal, if not at all. We have also taken steps to ensure that any data we do hold on our website follows the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations.

You can also manage the data we hold about you, or request to see it (if we hold any) by linking to the pages below

Privacy Policy

Our  full policy  showing privacy information.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply  to our work and to our  clients.

Access Data

Your rights to access  your  data

Delete Data

Your rights to delete  data that belongs to you.

Rectify data

Your  rights to ensure data we hold about  you  is fully up to  date.

Data Complaints

Your right to make a complaint as  to  how we handle  your  data

Information Commissionaires Registration

Our  registration documents for the  ICO