Letter Sent Out to People Trapped in Timeshare

Jun 13, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking a moment to read through this email.

At Timeshare Legals, we employ professional claim handlers that have over 25 years of combined experience.  We are a UK registered company and use UK Law Panels who specialise in this field.

We are proud to confirm that we have successfully disposed of many Timeshare or Holiday Club Memberships. This has saved our clients thousands of pounds in annual service charges, and the continued burden of perpetuity clauses.

If you are trapped in a Timeshare or Fractional Ownership that you no longer want, or can afford, we offer an initial consultation to go over the details of your particular circumstances. We can then advise you on whether your particular timeshare is capable of being terminated and the possibility of reclaiming funds.

This initial service is free of charge. We can arrange a home-visit to discuss your timeshare ownership, and the reasons why you feel it may have been mis-sold.

The consultation is private and confidential and you will have the opportunity to speak to UK based timeshare solicitors to fully explore your options. These are based on the history of your account and your family future needs.

If you act now you could save yourself and your family from paying the 2018 maintenance fees.

Having represented hundreds of timeshare owners over the years, Timeshare Legals UK has wide reaching experience releasing clients from unfair and unenforceable timeshare contracts. We pride ourselves in our personal, human and straightforward approach with an expert understanding of the timeshare market. This ensures the best possible results for our clients.

Where we identify that Timeshare or Holiday Club Membership has been mis-sold or is in breach of the Timeshare Regulations Act / European Directive we will represent you in the financial recovery of your purchase costs and more.

The process is handled from our legal offices in Manchester. The membership is firstly terminated, and once that process is complete (after approximately three or four weeks) we can start on the reclaim of funds. This final stage can take up to six months via the banks and the ombudsman under British law.

After the consultation, and in assessing your needs, should you wish to move forward to start the process we will require certain documents. These are copies of your contracts, membership deeds, all financial agreements or receipts, and a written statement of purchase history. We will also require reasons for purchase and any information on the mis-selling of points or fractional shares.

Our legal team will then handle your case on a one-to-one basis with the highest levels of professionalism to ensure your complete confidentiality and to deliver a satisfactory result.

It is our belief that our combined knowledge of the timeshare industry along with our proven claims procedures, provides timeshare consumers with the best opportunity of financial recovery or timeshare disposal.

Where required, we have incorporated legal representation for our clients into our services, through trusted working relationships that we have with our UK based panel law firms.

We aspire to provide the highest quality of service whilst working towards a speedy and successful resolution.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us and we will clarify any points you may raise.  We would like to thank you for reading this, and look forward to discussing your matter with you further.

Kind regards

Timeshare Legals