Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Jul 19, 2018

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
Busting the myths against timesharelegals.com with
CLC being ‘creative’ with the truth.

First of all…

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Regarding CLC’s sales and marketing operation in the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife.

The facts are this…

The huge sales deck on top of the shops which took over the whole of the top building next door to the Aqua Spa on Calle Galicia, with up to 200, if not more Club La Costa sales staff both cold line and in house and also marketing staff, is NO LONGER! It is an empty shell!

Skeleton Staff

The operation there has STOPPED! It is all locked up. We understand there is only a very small number of around 10-15 skeleton staff operating from the Monterey. A far cry from previous years.

So, the fact is that Club La Costa still have a very small sales operation. However, this has been vastly reduced by 90-95%. The facts for this are simple…

People are not buying Timeshare, dodgy rental investment programmes, promises of buy back anymore, or over inflated property prices, to lure people into spending their hard-earned money!

One other main fact is…

That you don’t need to own Timeshare anymore to stay at any CLC resorts. You can go there cheaper from third party websites such as booking.com, loveholidays.com, travelrepublic.com to name a few. So…. Why would you pay any upfront costs for buying a timeshare in the first place, with ever increasing maintenance fees that continue to go up, when you can just book from a third-party website, which is cheaper than the annual maintenance costs!

 Sunningdale in Tenerife

Great News that Club La Costa also stated in their newsletter, that they are increasing their investment into construction of luxury apartments next to Sunningdale in Tenerife, yes the waste ground which has continued to be a waste ground for the last 20 years!


Cold Calling? Not us!

As for cold calling……WE DO NOT DO THIS! We work with third party companies who introduce the clients to us. We have over 100 clients in litigation as we speak.

In fact, we have on a day to day basis clients contacting ourselves through family and friends who have also been sold down the merry path of the timeshare company.

The fact is a simple one…. All our clients who enter into litigation are fully protected via A.T.E Insurance and in most cases Legal Litigation Funding is provided for them. So, there is no risk to them or their estate. In entering Litigation to recover back their monies that they feel that they have been mis-sold to by CLC Resorts.

Smoke screen

We feel Club La Costa is creating a smoke screen, to stop unhappy members entering into litigation with either ourselves or other reputable claims companies, by using scare tactics in newsletters to cast shadows and put doubt into client’s mind to not go into litigation.

The fact is a simple one…

If Club La Costa and other Timeshare companies hadn’t mis-sold or mis-led the clients into buying into Timeshare/Investment/Freehold property in the first place, then there would be no need for us claim companies to be in existence if they had sold the product correctly in the first place!!

If you feel that you have been mis-sold or mis-lead or been sold false promises, not happy and want to claim your money back and terminate your contract through the Courts LEGALLY! Please contact us. We have Legal funding in place if needed, A.T.E Insurance to protect you and your estate and UK & Spanish Law firms ready and waiting to take your matters on. Despite what Club La Costa say we are here to help you.

And Finally…

Let’s be honest….Do you believe what they have told you for the past 15-20 years?