Lions Resorts / Barclay Partner Finance

Jan 31, 2018

Lions Resorts / Barclay Partner Finance

Timeshare Legals are happy to announce that we have introduced 78 claimants into the High Courts of London. These proceedings were issued on the 14th December 2017, against Barclay Partner Finance/Lions Resorts for breach of contract. Working alongside Olton Alexander whose Law panel is Edwin Coe LLP.

Brief details of claim:

This is a claim against the defendant pursuant to ss 56 and 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 (“the Act”) for breach of contract/breach of statutory duty/misrepresentation committed by Lion Resorts Limited and/or associated companies for which the defendant is liable in accordance with the Act.

If you feel that you have been mis-sold or wrongfully put into a Barclay Partner Finance agreement with the above, please contact us by clicking here.