MindTimeshare – The Truth

Jul 3, 2017

You may have heard of a website/blog called Mindtimeshare.  It claims to help consumers find out about fraudulent companies and it tries to scam timeshare owners in other ways.

There are companies out there that offer this service but , Mindtimeshre is actually run by the very same people who are in charge of some of the  largest timeshare operations.

Many of the clients we have and are dealing with, approach Mindtimeshare looking for help and advice.
They are offered a  weeks free holiday and are offered help to get out of their timeshare. Clients then begin to receive phone calls from  sister marketing companies either in Tenerife or Malta to come and discuss the  Timeshares solutions on offer. Some of these are between £25,000 and £100,000!  
The high pressure sales tactics used mean clients are once again mis-sold or talked into another investment HIP Program ( High Investment Plan) as the only way out of their Timeshares.
There are at present two high court proceedings in London dealing with hundreds of clients who have been duped into thinking they were getting help from MINDTIMESHARE.
Our clients have ended up on a free holiday, only to be mis-sold another investment.  If this has happen to you please contact us imminently, you may be able to claim all your money back from these abhorrent  timeshare companies.

The website “Mindtimeshare – The Truth” explains this in great details as to who is behind this website that claims to help owners.  You can read this by clicking on the link below.