More Satisfied Clients from Timeshare Legals

Jun 13, 2017

We contacted Timeshare Legals via their website, within a day we were contacted and we requested a home visit has we have walking difficulties. Within 3 weeks we received confirmation we were out of our CLC Fractional ownership. We are now awaiting for our money back that we spent over the years with CLC, wish we had contacted Timeshare Legals before. C Gregory, Hinckley.

Amazing company to use, within weeks we were out of our points ownership and within Eight weeks, we received our money back from our credit card company for what we paid for our Timeshare. R Temple, Crewe

If your fed up with lies and want away from your Timeshare, use Timeshare Legals, they do what they say, totally brilliant. Thank you. J Greenfield, London

I can’t believe how professional and swiftly they got me out of my timeshare contract. B Jenkins, Bristol.

The whole process took 4 weeks and cost me less than my management fees, massive thank you Timeshare Legals. R Whitehouse, Nuneaton