UK Legal Funding Now In Place For Fractional Points Ownerships

Sep 13, 2017

Our first batch of clients requiring the legal funding option have been successfully submitted to the funders.

Spanish Law Panel

Within a few days time these clients will then be engaged with the Spanish law panel based in London. This means our clients’ claims will be submitted through the Spanish and UK court systems with funding in place and ATE insurance included, which ensures there is no risk to themselves or their estate.

Spain and the Canary Islands

We are passing over mis-sold fractional ownerships and vacation points system bought through timeshare companies in Spain and the Canary Islands and all associated companies.

Contact Timeshare Legals

If you feel you have been mis-sold points or fractional ownership through timeshare companies in Spain or Canary Islands a or any other timeshare companies, then please contact us to see if you qualify for legal funding to reclaim your investment.